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Howdy from Bill K7MT.

Yesterday, Saturday, N3UC turned on AO-27 in the early morning pass down the
east coast. Perfect signals from the satellite with range + - 2600 km, 45 to
120 degrees and highest elevation of 14 degrees. N5AFV (Allen), W5ZNL and
several others were on board with excellent signals. N3UC (Mike) asked Allen
(N5AFV) to turn the bird on next pass if he was available.

This mornings pass found AO-27 turned on automatically. WA6DIR (Larry) and
myself were on the entire pass and it sounded great. We chatted for about 12
minutes with no signal loss.

Cheers to the AMSAT group. I will be on assignment in Texas to help with the
Columbia search until next month. I will not have time to work the birds
while on assignment from East Texas.

Bill K7MT AMSAT 33461
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