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Parabolic Antenna RF Power Density Calculations

I would like to correspond with anyone who has done Power Density
calculations on Parabolic Antennas. I have been using the formulas in the
OET Bulleting 65 and I am not sure if I have the results correct.

Based on a 1.8m/46.5 DBi gain dish operating at Ku band (14.4GHz) with
62.5mw average power output I get a far field boundary at 97m and a near
field boundary at something like 1.7cm with the transition region in
between. Interestingly my PD calculation agrees with the online calculator
at the UoTexas web site (at 97m). The near field region has been more
confusing. The online calculator has a much higher PD at say 3feet from the
antenna than I am getting with the bulletin equations.

Has anyone had success with the equations in the bulletin or found errors
with them?
When calculating distance or R is it from the surface of the dish or from
the feed?
I would be curious what others might get for a power density at say 1 meter
(3feet) from the antenna along axis.

Just trying to make sense of the equations.


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