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DC voltage to AIDC-3731AA

I am making a DC-DC converter for the subject downconverter to replace the
current wall wart connected to an inverter and hopefully provide a more
stable voltage supply to the downconverter.  Unfortunately, I see no
marking on the AIDC-3731AA which specifies an input voltage range but there
is a 7812 visible inside.  The wall wart says it produces 27 VDC at 300 ma.
 The Bias Tee shows 18 V.  If I plug the wall wart into 110 VAC and
assemble the bias-tee, the coax I use with the down converter and the
downconverter,  I measure 22 VDC at the 3731, which seems a bit higher than

Does anyone have an idea what the minimum input voltage should be?

73 de Gene Marks  WB2LLP 

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