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Re: RE: EICD for hamsats?

> Tyler N3SPD wrote:
> I would LOVE to see a document that would describe the minimum system
> requirements (after running a link budget calculation from the bird to
> the earth or visa versa) for connecting to EACH and every ham satellite
> in orbit.

I agree, AMSAT should make it a requirement to publish a link budget,
as one of the requirements to get an AMSAT OSCAR number.  Now of
course there are caveats to using any such number:

   1) Uplink interference from other terrestrial sources
   2) Conjestion on the uplink
   3) Local receiver interference on the downlink
   4) Spin and pattern variation, multipath, etc

But the user may apply these to his operating situation.  The published
link budget should be our starting point, not "well, I use 100W and a 13
dB yagi, and it works for me"...


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