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RE: EICD for hamsats?

Tyler N3SPD wrote:

I would LOVE to see a document that would describe the minimum system 
requirements (after running a link budget calculation from the bird to 
the earth or visa versa) for connecting to EACH and every ham satellite 
in orbit.  

Wayne W9AE replies:

Assuming your interest is analog satellites, I would highly recommend the AMSAT "Analog Satellites Operating Guide".  It has a chapter for each of the analog satellites, describing the frequencies, modes, and equipment necessary to access the satellite.  Not quite as analytical as an EICD, though, and I don't think it covers the two newest FM satellites SO-41 and SO-50.


It's always the best-selling book when I run an AMSAT booth at local hamfests.

No doubt you have seen the spacecraft information page on the AMSAT web site.  It gives the frequency of each satellite, but does not give the downlink EIRP, receiver sensitivity, or altitude.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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