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EICD for hamsats?

Having just recently gotten my voice heard over UO-14, (no contacts just 
yet) I'm brand new to the sat field.  I have tons of info from the ARRL 
and other sources on how to work the sats.  What I have NOT seen is good 
info on what the sats are putting out and receiving.  Is there an EICD 
(Electrical Interface Control Document) of sorts for the ham sats?  One 
that would describe the power level of each transmitter on the bird. 
 The antenna gain for that frequency, the max altitude of that 
satellite.  The sensitivity of it's receivers along with the antenna 
gains and noise figures.  

I would LOVE to see a document that would describe the minimum system 
requirements (after running a link budget calculation from the bird to 
the earth or visa versa) for connecting to EACH and every ham satellite 
in orbit.  

Is there such a document?



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