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Re: Station logs etc

Bill Booth wrote:

For a station log what is normal.  I keep a paper bound ARRL one for my HF,
but I am finding that most operators have the information at their
fingertips.  Therefore they must be using a computer one.  So which ones are
best......and do you print out a paper copy at say month end to make sure
you do not lose the log.  Software and operating systems being what they are
these days.  Maybe some general comments about what you do for logs......

Wayne replies:

I won't tell you about my logging program because it's no longer sold.  But I doubt that most computer log users print their logs.  We just make backup files.  My logging program reminds me to make backups.  I make a backup to my hard drive and another backup to a floppy disk.

All my contacts are in one giant log file.  No separate log files for specialty modes such as satellite, VHF, or bicycle-mobile HF.  Serious contesters typically use a separate log file for each contest in order to generate the contest log submission.  If I want to see just satellite contacts in my log, it's extremely easy to do a query for only satellite contacts.  Be sure to select a logging program that allows you to clearly identify satellite contacts in a way that allows you to query the database for satellite contacts.

Bill wrote:

Another question concerns the frequency.  What frequency do you show in the
log.  Transmit or receive.  Same with the QSL cards.....do you show
transmit or receive frequency....or does it really matter.

Wayne replies:

The most common "Frequency" entry on satellite QSL cards is the satellite name and uplink/downlink band.  For example "AO40 U/S2" or "AO40 435/2401".  Some people put the satellite name outside of the "Frequency" box.  But everybody indicates the satellite name somewhere on the card.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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