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Re: AO-40 from S0?????

Great fun to work you from VP6DIA, Doug. But as far as taking the stuff to S 
Zero land in April, I don't think so. Because....

Doug Faunt N6TQS wrote:

Now that I know the setup works, 125 Q,s from VP6DIA, I'd like to
have an idea if it's worth taking it to Western Sahara for 15 to 20

Stacy Mills wrote :

We will continue slowly moving ALON forward toward 45 degrees during the 
month of March.  In early April we will begin raising ALAT toward 20 degs.

By mid-April we should be at ~ ALON/ALAT = 45/20. Passband activities will 
be turned off at that time.

We will drift for approximately one month, arriving at ALON/ALAT = 315/20 in 
mid-May.  We will then lower ALAT to 0, restart passband activities (shifted 
to the early part of the orbit), and begin moving back toward ALON = 0, 
chasing the sun at the rate of about 1 deg/day.  We should return to 
ALON/ALAT = 0/0 about June 20th.  We can stay at ALON/ALAT = 0/0 until early 
October, when the cycle starts over.  Thus, expect the passbands to be off 
from about mid-April to mid-May, but active at varying phases of the orbit, 
rest of the time.  We should be in good position for field day, just
getting back to 0/0.

73 Keith N4ZQ

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