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L-Band Tx converter design


I am currently wrapping up the design of a L-Band Tx Converter that uses UHF
(70-cm) as the transmit IF to get out at 1269MHz. It is a good complement
for whoever uses VHF (2-meter) as the receive IF off an S-band
downconverter. My design  provides an L-band output of 10mW (+10dBm). It is
made of three glass-epoxy PCBs and uses common surface mount components and
a few Mini-Circuits parts.

The purpose of this email is to try to get a feel of the interest some of
you might show. I have no commercial goals with this project; only the
desire to share my work and allow more people to get on the L-Band. I have
contacted the Amsat Journal editor and will provide an article for
publishing in the near future. In the meantime, I would like to know:

-Is there any significant interest out there that would justify having the
bare PCBs made available commercially via 3rd party distributor?

-Would someone be willing to try out my L-band Tx converter prototype on
AO-40 (i.e. I would lend the unit for a road test)? That person would have
to provide the subsequent amplifier stages and antenna.

Make sure you include my direct email address (ve2zaz@sympatico.ca) in your
response as I am subscribing to Amsat-bb in daily digest mode only.

Thanks in advance and 73s

Bertrand, VE2ZAZ
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
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