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Re: S-Band Preamp Necessary?

At 08:43 AM 3/17/03 -0500, Jeff Breitner wrote:
>I've been experimenting with a couple old offset antennas I've had in my
>for a while.  One is the Primestar, the other is a DirecPC.
>I've had very minor success in hearing AO-40, and I believe that this is
due to
>the feed assembly not being quite as good as it should be.  However, I'm
>curious if it's generally accepted that a preamplifier is required.


This is the often heard question we hear.  The answer is YES!  Except for
maybe two brands of convertors (UEK-2000, AIDC), everyone should realise
that you must have the lowest noise figure you can achieve/afford!  For
microwave reception that means a low noise pre-amplifier.  Suggestions:
Downeast Microwave, SSB-Electronics, Kuhne-Engineering (db6nt).

Ed - AL7EB

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