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Re: Yet More on BBQ dish gain...

Scott Townley wrote
> ...I am not trying to re-ignite the "BBQ Debate" (oh that's a bad
> pun).  Only providing information that some may find interesting.
> In a previous note, I mentioned that I have modelled the K5GNA 38"x26" BBQ
> dish in NEC-2.  It's an "exact" model in the sense that the grid spacing
> and wire diameter are as-measured from an actual reflector.  Also, the
> is the stock AIDC3733 dipole-plus-reflector plate.  The interesting bit
> from the previous modelling was that the maximum gain was calculated to be
> 25.52dBi.
Great work but the real figure of merit is the g/t measurement. The trade
off is forward gain vs. antenna temperature lets go measure g/t


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