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Saturday Night at the Movies

Is there any register kept that details the instances of where ham radio
appears in movies??

- In the latter 60's in the television series "Hancock's Half Hour", the
English comedian Tony Hancock is using a ham radio setup. That episode was
called "The Radio Ham". A funny one this. Tony contacted a Japanese operator
but eventually he loses his patience with him so he signs off on the
contact. Then Tony receives a distress call. Receiving the call, the
communication fades then comes back. During this difficulty, the lead in his
pencil breaks when he takes down the details. After that, a valve (tube) in
the transmitter fails. So he calls the police and they bring him a
replacement valve. Then when he tries to carry on, there is a power failure
and his radio set goes dead. The person in distress does get rescued such as
was reported by newspapers the next day. It was the Japanese operator he
contacted at first who gained the credit for reporting the distress.

- In the 1930's, there was a film I think called "Boys Town" featuring
Spencer Tracey. Ham radio is used there. They were talking to another town
in the US.

Richard Atkinson VK4ZA.

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