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Re: Saturday Night at the Movies

Back in the 80's there was a TV movie called "The French Atlantic Affair".  
It was about a cruise ship (one of Carnival's old ships) crossing the 
Atlantic Ocean from the US to France that was taken over by a cult led by 
Telly Sevalas.  A boy on the ship had brought along his hf rig & used it to 
contact a young gal ham friend in Texas whose father worked for the goverment 
& arranged for a sub to intercept.  Both kids were using 1x3 ham calls 
(showing 20m freqs, I think). They used a thing called "book code" (pg #, 
paragraph #, word #) using a book his father had written to get the message 
through in case radio ops on the ship were listening.  Of course in the real 
world we can't use secret codes, but I guess if your cruise ship is hijacked, 
the FCC might let it slide this time.

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