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Re: 123MHz on FT-847

Jeff Griffin wrote:

The 817 blow's the 847
away on receive.  I went through the alignment procedure about a year ago
and achieved  a .10 uV receive sensitivity , the factory worst case spec is
.125 uv. I need to check the 817. It must be good, even though Yaesu uses
the same receive sensitivity spec of .125 uV.

Wayne replies:

The exact sensitivity of your radio doesn't matter after 30 dB of gain in
the downconverter (unless one of your radios is broken).

I have a FT-847 and FT-817, but I've only used the 817 to listen to AO40
once, for the Mode VS experiment.  I have noticed that the FT-817 S-meter is
extremely non-linear and doesn't correlate at all with the signal quality
that I hear.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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