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Re: 123MHz on FT-847

 I experienced the same thing here, but at 145mhz . The 817 blow's the 847
away on receive.  I went through the alignment procedure about a year ago
and achieved  a .10 uV receive sensitivity , the factory worst case spec is
.125 uv. I need to check the 817. It must be good, even though Yaesu uses
the same receive sensitivity spec of .125 uV. The only problem with my 817
is I don't get a valid S meter reading on 145mhz for some reason. An S-7 on
the 847 is S0 on the 817...

73 Jeff kb2m

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From: "Jon Ogden" <na9d-2@speakeasy.net>
> All I can tell you is that when I compare my FT-817 and my FT-847 at 123
> with my AIDC 3031, the difference is night and day.  The FT-847 shows the
> minimum noise level of about S3.  The noise minimum on the FT-817 is S0
> it should be.  The maximum signal of the AO-40 beacon on the FT-847 is
> S7.  The FT-817 shows a solid S8.
> The readability of signals on the 817 vs. the 847 at 123 MHz is night and
> day.  Huge difference.  Maybe my 847 just isn't up to snuff or something.

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