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S/K Test Report 15 March 2003


Conditions for this test were much more difficult than for the previous 
one.  At my location the squint went from 12 deg at the start to 10 deg at 
the end.  K-Band signals were accordingly much weaker than last time (about 
10dB by ear).  Also the signal was fading into the noise, making it harder 
to find initially.  The lower signal level and increased fadingc depth 
caused by the high squint are as expected from last year's K-Band squint 
report ( see http://www.g3wdg.free-online.co.uk/kband.htm).

Uplink tests again were only with the S1 receiver.  This time I tried two 
different tx power levels, 7.5W as last time, and 900mW.  Feeder loss from 
the tx to the feedpoint is about 1.5dB.   The 900mW signal was about 3dB 
weaker than the 7.5W signal on the downlink, despite the 9dB difference in 
power levels.  This is not too surprising given the values of S1 agc 
reported by W4SM (up to 17dB), and the limiting characteristics  of the 
K-Band transmitter.

No other signals were heard in the passband during the test, (apart from 
the beacon)


Charlie G3WDG
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