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Re: 123MHz on FT-847

At 06:41 PM 3/15/2003 -0600, Jon Ogden wrote:
>on 3/15/03 5:58 PM, Bob WJ6T at wj6t@bak.rr.com wrote:
>> The FT-847 works very good as a 123MHz IF. Some times you have to turn the
>> power off then back on after you tune to 123MHz.
>> I use the 847 all the time on 123Mhz with my Cal AMP downconverter and a
>> dish and patch feed and hear the noise floor very good on AO-40. I have
>> the 145 MHz if also works all the same. But you can not transmitt in to the
>> downconverter on 123MHz.
>All I can tell you is that when I compare my FT-817 and my FT-847 at 123 MHz
>with my AIDC 3031, the difference is night and day.  The FT-847 shows the
>minimum noise level of about S3.  The noise minimum on the FT-817 is S0 like
>it should be.  The maximum signal of the AO-40 beacon on the FT-847 is about
>S7.  The FT-817 shows a solid S8.
>The readability of signals on the 817 vs. the 847 at 123 MHz is night and
>day.  Huge difference.  Maybe my 847 just isn't up to snuff or something.


Interesting comparison.  I haven't listened using my FT-817 so do not know
how it compares with my FT-847 at 123 MHz, but with the int. preamp off my
FT-847 noise floor is about s=0.5 when fed by my MKU-232A2 preamp into a
stock Drake-2880 (2401/123).  max beacon runs s=5.5.  I see no problem at
123 with my FT-847.  Perhaps yours is in need of alignment?

Unfortunately the extreme wind storm of last week broke the cross-boom
clamp on my M2-436CP42 so it is now lying on my roof and not in use.  The
33-inch dish was rotated pointing down at the roof, and my 1m TV dish is
face down on the roof, after suffering over three days of continuous winds
45-65 mph.  Anchorage winds gusted to 109 mph causing millions of dollars
damage.  Therefore, I am unable to make any on-air comparisons.  Other than
the busted mast clamp on the UHF yagi, it will only require repointing
antennas.  Maybe winds will subside this weekend making it safe to work.

Ed - AL7EB

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