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Re: Saturday Night at the Movies

Louis A. Mamakos wrote:
> I believe that the radio was a Heathkit SB102. Here
> is another good exercise. See how many movies/TV
> shows you can think of that make reference to ham
> radio. Here is my list so far:

Getting off the satellite topic, but five more entries:

1. "Testament", a 1983 film about a small town in California after a nuclear
war. Near the end of the movie an elderly ham fires up his rig to talk to his
old friend in Russia, to see how bad things are in his town. 
2. "Saint Elsewhere": In one episode Mrs Huffnagle is operating a ham rig in
her hospital bed, using a W6 call.

3. Some Cop Show (sorry can't remember which one, there are so many):
A police officer driving his patrol car is experiencing radio interference and
remarks that it "must be one of those ham radio assholes". His partner replies
that "most of them are pretty respectable nerds".

4. "The FBI": In one episode one of the characters is sending instructions by
telephone to set up a secret meeting near a news stand. She instructs the FBI
that the person they want to talk to will be buying a copy of the magazine
"Ham Radio". I believe that this aired before the actual magazine of that name
was founded in 1968.  

5. Some people have reported hearing high speed CW messages hidden in sound
effects of certain Disney cartoons.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

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