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Who has success with Eggbeaters on the satellites ???

I recently put up some eggbeaters and am trying them out on the
satellites. They are the M2 eggbeaters but I didn't get the radial kits
with them, but instead, I made my own radials. The 2 meter eggbeater
appears to work OK but the 432 eggbeater has a problem
with too much QSB and deep fading. The original eggbeater design calls
for a distance from the antennas to the radials to be about 8 inches. I
put them at 13 inches to try to take advantage of better gain at the low
elevations. Could this be the problem?? Do need to set them to 8 inches
instead ???  The radials are 13.25 inches long each.

K7XQ Jeff
Atwater, CA.
Grid: CM97qi
EME, Satellites, Meteor Scatter
CW, FSK441 or JT-44
144 MHz: 4 X 3 W.L. 800 Watts Single 3CX800A7
EME Initials: 60
432 MHz: 2 X 9 W.L. 800 Watts ( soon 4 X 9 W.L. ) 2 X 4CX400A 
EME Initials: 5
1296 MHz: 3.1 Meter Dish 130 Watts at feed 2 X 2C39 water-cooled
EME Initials: 16
K7XQ Webpage ( EME Antenna Pictures ):

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