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Re: 123MHz on FT-847

on 3/15/03 5:58 PM, Bob WJ6T at wj6t@bak.rr.com wrote:

> The FT-847 works very good as a 123MHz IF. Some times you have to turn the
> power off then back on after you tune to 123MHz.
> I use the 847 all the time on 123Mhz with my Cal AMP downconverter and a 3ft
> dish and patch feed and hear the noise floor very good on AO-40. I have used
> the 145 MHz if also works all the same. But you can not transmitt in to the
> downconverter on 123MHz.

All I can tell you is that when I compare my FT-817 and my FT-847 at 123 MHz
with my AIDC 3031, the difference is night and day.  The FT-847 shows the
minimum noise level of about S3.  The noise minimum on the FT-817 is S0 like
it should be.  The maximum signal of the AO-40 beacon on the FT-847 is about
S7.  The FT-817 shows a solid S8.

The readability of signals on the 817 vs. the 847 at 123 MHz is night and
day.  Huge difference.  Maybe my 847 just isn't up to snuff or something.



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