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Re: left/right

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> On the other hand, if you work LEOs, it's a completely different story.
> Polarization switching helps big time there on birds like the FO and AO-7.
> It's also helped some on SO-50 when I've played with it.  If AO-10 ever
> comes back to life, polarization switching is an absolute necessity.

(sry english...)
in my home page at www.wlog2000.com/hb9oab/sat , all the audio demos that
are listened, from AO40 (tanks Jon for your 1w - 10w voice noice test uplink
dish+5hx home made http://www.wlog2000.com/hb9oab/ao40/ ) to SO50 to FO20-29
etc... they are all listened in downlink with fixed polarization not to

Although is indeed and logically profit to have a circular polarization, not
him note on any listening a big change of signal that therefore it
facilitates notably the construction of own spar without incurring in easy
errors of thick joining causes of a negative operation of the system of
uplink or downlink.

My system is logically helped by a notable profit of the system that after
20 years of experience with the satellites, I have been able to fix with a
system VHF 2x13b2 vertical and UHF 4x20 horizontal, also used for other
activities, and by satellite the signal doesn't have a lot of qsb, it
doesn't have entirely rather of it, listening to the audio can be made us
account (www.wlog2000.com/hb9oab/sat)

On AO13 and I still hope soon on AO10, I have never had necessity to commute
if not in the periods of high speed and approach and leaving but always
giving the predominance in vertical VHF and horizontal UHF, having had for
10 years all the interchangeable polarizations with Vertical system -
Horizontal - Right Circular and Circular Left with relay commutation on me
old 2x2x11 and 2x2x20 home "coupled".

best regard's.
hb9oab at amsat . org

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