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Alon/Alat or Alat/Alon on IT and Nova ( AO-40)

Hello AO-40 fans,

The InstantTrack manual refers to Attitude or Bahn Coordinates as ALAT and
ALON. It tells me when editing the Satellite Elements "all you have to do is
enter these two numbers, latitude first, then a comma, then longitude"
Currently Stacy Mills is saying ALON/ALAT (note longitude before latitude)
is 20/0 so I put 0/20 -z behind "attitude".  Tonight in Seattle, that gives
me a squint of  20 using IT.

I also have Nova and the satellite set up screen leaves no doubt, it lists
ALAT first and ALON second so I put in 0 and 20.  Tonight (same time) in
Seattle I get a squint of 10 using Nova.

If I reverse the order of the values in Nova, it says what IT does and visa
versa.  So it seems the manual for IT states the order entry incorrectly or
the Nova setup labels are switched or I need a new glasses and a remedial
instruction following course.

Please help me discover which it is.

73's  Tracy K7KCS
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