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Re: S-band antenna found

That antenna sounds like an old MDS TV antenna.  Those were common in the 
late 70's and early 80's.  I recall a provider in the midwest called 
Superchannel that carried Showtime.  Those d/c's typically had a single 
MRF-201 RF amp and a VCO controlled by a pot on top of the TV (also the power 
supply).  They converted 2150 MHz to channels 2,3, or 4 (54-60-something MHz).
Jerry, K5OE

> I happened to be cruising a thrift store today at lunch and came upon what 
> looked to be an old MMDS antenna - a can horn with a 32 disk-directors in 
> front of it.  For $1 it was mine and I started thinking about getting into 
> 40 Mode-S reception.  The converter on the back of the horn looks awfully 
> simple - doesn't seem to even be crystal-controlled? Can it be converted 
> use? 
> My junk box has a Conifer CIT-LN (boards marked "D-G/10") downconverter 
> I'm thinking might be a better choice to be modified for Mode-S reception.  
> could duplicate the existing probe in the horn but bring the coax out to 
> external downconverter.  Does this seem a practical plan?
> Or perhaps I should be on the lookout for some other downconverter?
> Steve  WD8DAS
> sbjohnston@aol.com

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