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Parts for homebrew projects!

The Thomson Amateur Radio Club has received a relatively large quantity 
of some ICs and other electronic parts which may be useful to hams who 
are interested in building projects.  This is not a commercial 
venture...  We'd like to get the parts into the hands of those who 
could use them.

Here is the way it works.  Go to our Club web site, WWW.W9RCA.COM, 
click on "Homebrew" and check out the list of parts available.  If you 
see something you can use, send an email to KE6TI@ARRL.NET requesting 
the parts you want.  When your parts arrive, send funds to cover the 
cost of shipping plus $1 to cover the packaging.

We have a fairly large stock of some parts, but not so many of others.  
We'd like to get these parts to hams who can use them.  Pass this 
information to others you think might be interested.

Jim AF9A

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