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RE: Satelite Prediction .NET Web Service

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>Yes I know JTrack well. My background is Java :-) In fact I was
developing a similar Applet when they >>published theirs :-(


Personally, I wouldn't mind having capable Internet-based tracking
facilities.  J-track is cool, but it doesn't show the footprint as it
relates to my location (or I haven't figured out how to do it).  Having
it available via web browser would be nice since I switch computers
often and it's a major pain to load software and configure it for the
laptop, shack PC and my work PC.

However, there's just two issues.  At home, I'm normally running SuSE so
I use Predict with some of the graphical tools (which could always use
continued development efforts).  I do not think Microsoft will be
providing any C# tools for that operating system nor be really helpful
in making sure it functions on any browser platform but Internet

More importantly than the Linux/Microsoft debate (that I've probably
just started), is the fact that Internet access isn't always available.
I'd hate to be come totally dependent on a tracking tool and then
realize, at field day, that I have no idea where the birds are.

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