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Re: Satelite Prediction .NET Web Service

At 9:12 AM +0000 3/13/03, Dave Johnson wrote:
>What I should like to propose, if anyone is interested, is web service
>for satellite prediction program with similar functionality to the
>Predict program by John Magliacane, KD2BD.

As an exercise, this would be interesting. But as a useful service??

I feel sure that to perform the web lookup will be more computation, 
more complexity, more difficult to implement, more fragile, and quite 
a bit slower than simply doing the computation yourself locally. The 
days are well past when an orbital calculation is a significant 
burden for a user's computer.

The only potential advantage I can see offhand is that the user 
wouldn't be responsible for updating Keplerian elements himself. 
Maybe a web service that makes it easy to obtain Keps would be more 
to the point. Of course, the existing web and FTP servers already do 
a perfectly adequate job of that, given appropriate client programs.

The common problems with setting up tracking include getting the 
user's location and his timezone right. If you have clever ideas 
about how to solve those problems using .NET, that would be 

73  -Paul
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