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Beacon + 20 Net

> Well, no, I wouldn't call you dense, but if they want it changed, I'm sure
> someone will let me know...Until they do, everyone, look for the AMSAT
> approved net at 20 kHz above the beacon....

Well since I am the guy that asked about it and probably was one of those
tooooo close to the beacon......I will listen but I will have to check in
5KHz above the net......since I was told to stay that far away.

I do not want this to be taken the wrong way either.  I am a very funny
person in real life, and I am not sturing up the s**t.  I am glad I asked
for my own information, but I had hoped it would not create such a fuss.

I will try and check in this week on the 20Khz spot anyways.....


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