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Re: Lightning and neutral grounding

Another comment an old friend of mine made about ground rods
while he was talking about the chemical reaction between the rod
and Mother Earth was the angle. He said while it may seem like
you should drive the rod straight down in the ground that one 
should not do this depending on where they live. Since a ground 
rod does not work in rock very well, then a lower angle like 35-45 
degrees would be the best if you were hitting rock. I though to 
myself and said, this guy is pretty sharp. The more soil that the 
rod contacts insures the reaction between the rod and Mother 
Earth. So, if I were to hit rock 3-4 feet down with no way around
it, and I live in a very rocky area, then I would pull the rod out and 
lower the angle of attack. He said it was better to be contacting 
soil than to fool yourself that a rock would provide a good ground.
Bringing the brain out of the standard way of approaching the 
problem is the hard part.

If a good ground is out of the question due to elements like rock,
then you have to look in to properly floating the ground safely.

Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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> Have been enjoying the thread about grounding etc.
> At my QTH, the soil has a very high shrink/swell
> characteristic. Using the water assist method gets the
> ground rod in (assuming you miss the many appliance sized
> boulders that are buried here). The only problem is that
> the soil shrinks away from the rod when it dries. Not good.
> My usual routine is:
> Drive rod into boulder..remove rod and start 3 feet away.
> Drive rod into boulder..remove rod and start 3 feet away.
> (dogs are now all hiding)
> Once they are in I CADWELD all the connections, especially the
> ones around the tower. A good lightning strike will usually weld the
> ground clamps for you, but this is not as desirable :-)
> 73
> Gene

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