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Re: Lightning and neutral grounding

Just to show that everyone has a different story...

At my QTH by the ocean in NJ, I purchased a heavy sledge
hammer to help me hammer in my ground rod. To get it started,
I dug a hole a few inches deep with a shovel and leaned
on the rod to get it in as far as it would go.
Well, it went ALL the way down and I had to pull it back
up a bit to attach the ground wire!

The water table there isn't very deep to say the least :)

Tony AA2TX

At 09:06 AM 3/12/03 -0800, Gene Davies AA6NP wrote:

>Have been enjoying the thread about grounding etc.
>At my QTH, the soil has a very high shrink/swell
>characteristic. Using the water assist method gets the
>ground rod in (assuming you miss the many appliance sized
>boulders that are buried here). The only problem is that
>the soil shrinks away from the rod when it dries. Not good.
>My usual routine is:
>Drive rod into boulder..remove rod and start 3 feet away.
>Drive rod into boulder..remove rod and start 3 feet away.
>(dogs are now all hiding)
>Once they are in I CADWELD all the connections, especially the
>ones around the tower. A good lightning strike will usually weld the
>ground clamps for you, but this is not as desirable :-)

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