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Saturday Night at the Movies

I've always enjoyed movies, especially when they included a theme about Ham 
Radio. This Saturday night, the stateside ABC network will show the TV 
premiere of the movie 'Frequency'. Staring Dennis Quaid as a policeman who 
tries to alter the past after making contact with his ham radio father who 
died 30 years earlier in an accident.

A GOOD movie that has a lot of radio scenes. See if you can catch the call 
signs used and identify the make and model of the equipment. Hint, the 
equipment was very popular in its time, but is no longer made. Also check 
QRZ.com or Buckmaster to see if the calls are legitimate.

So get the popcorn ready and enjoy Saturday night at the movies, Ham Radio 
style.. 73 Keith N4ZQ

PS: So as not to spoil the fun for others, keep the answers to yourself.

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