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Re: Lightning and neutral grounding

Yikes, sorry to stir up such a hornet's nest...

So, my hunch was that messing with the house wiring didn't feel
right, and the resounding consensus is that my hunch was right.
Thanks to all who replied.  Rest assured that I have not touched
the house wiring.

To close this, the missing piece in my installation is that I have
two unconnected grounds - one at the service entrance, and the other
by the shack (my ground rods).  They need to be tied together via
a low impedance wire on the outside of the house.  Wide turns,
additional ground rods along the way.

A couple of comments...

The antenna "tower" on the roof is a tripod made mostly of wood.
Not much point trying to ground it, although the short pole that
the rotors are bolted to should probably be grounded.

The service ground is a "Ufer" ground, which I believe has an
access plate on the side of the house, by the foundation, near
the meter.  Should be easy to tie into it, but I haven't opened
it up yet to check.

Ground rods.  Water, and all that.  Nice idea, but you don't seem
to understand what passes for "soil" here.  We have clay mixed
with rock.  Not gravel, rock.  The kind they cut down to size to
make boulders.  The two rods that I do have were pounded in with a
sledge.  One went in fairly well, all things considered.  The
other one hit something really hard about 4' in, and took most of
a day to go the rest of the way.  There's still about a foot sticking
out, and it will not move.  For the tie wire, how about I just lay
the ground rods on their side in a shallow trench and bury them?
(just kidding!)

Thanks again for the guidance,

Greg  KO6TH

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