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Re: Lightning and neutral grounding

Hope fully my next QTH will be one of the places where this works.  My
experience has been as follows:

1. At my first QTH where I actually tried to ground something (New Mexico).

     Pour the bucket of water, watch the water vanish, repeat several times.
Get on top of ladder and start driving the rod.  Note the ladder legs
nearest the rod and the rod will go in exactly the same depth (no further).
Pull rod out pour more buckets and repeat.  After three hours, averaging
about a foot an hour.  Go to the rental place and rent a jackhammer.  Drive
ground rod with jack hammer.

2. At my current QTH (South Dakota).

     Wait for the ground to thaw (late May on the North side of the house).
Tap the rod in 6 inches.  Remove rod, pour in three ounces of water (which
fills the hole) wait 30 minutes, hole is still full of water.  Drive rod in
6 more inches.  Struggle valiantly to remove rod so more water can be added.
Dig rod out with shovel.  Put water in the bottom of hole made with shovel.
Come back next day some of the water is gone, attempt to drive rod through
water in bottom of hole.  Rod goes in another foot and cannot be removed.
Go to the rental place and rent a jackhammer.  Drive ground rod with jack


> >Try pre drilling the hole by HYDRO DRILLING .....
> >Take a 5' piece of 1/2" copper pipe
> >and hook it to your garden hose.
> The 'bucket of water' method was taught to me by a commercial two-way
> guy years ago.  Same guy that introduced me to polyphasers.
> Soak the ground where you want your rod.  Push the rod in as far as you
> can with your hands, then pull it back out.  Pour some water into the
> hole until it runs out.  Let it soak in a few seconds, then push the
> ground rod in again.  When you can't push any deeper, pull the rod out
> again and repeat water application.  Repeat until the rod is all the
> way in.  It usually takes 5-10 minutes and one bucket of water.
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