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S Band Beacon Guard Band was No VP6 tonight?

Bill VE3NXK recently questioned
How far away from the beacon is the suggested norm. ??

As a member of the AO40 Command Team may I suggest a +/- 25 KHz guard band
around the beacon.
Members of the command team spend considerable time gathering data from the
YACE Camera in order to determine AO-40's attitude. The YACE Images are
programmed over a 3 to 4 hour period culminating in a 30 to 45 minute Data
Dump via the S2 beacon. Telemetry collectors will recognise those as D
The YACE Images and resultant determinations are available via the amsat.org
IHU Telemetry archives. (Look for the larger files).
Over a period of time the command team has noted increasing activity in
close proximity of the beacon. At this point in time the impact on data
collection has been minimal.
Hence Bill's recent question is an opportune time to reiterate previous
requests to operate clear of the beacon.

Please make a conscious effort to stay at least +/- 25 kHz away from the S2

Thank You.
Colin VK5HI

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