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Re: Reinvent the wheel...!

On 10 Mar 2003, at 16:12, Rick Vidmar - K9KK wrote:

> No Need to reinvent the wheel-------
> DX SUMMIT has been around for years ---
> does a perfect job-------
> and is used WORLD WIDE
> Perfect for AO-40 for Ducie

ThanKs Rick for the inf'os

I was not aware at all of DX SUMMIT. Your post surely help some people at least me...HI

A the old saying says: there is no stupid questions only stupid peoples! That's what you probaly refering 
to when saying " No Need to reinvent the wheel"  I also have this tendency to be bothered when i always 
read the same questions from newbies (or discussions on the same old topics) on amsat-BB. But i refrain 
myself to let them feel they are stupid when asking questions, because i too remember asking questions 
on this BB that i found also stupid today because i know the answer now.

Can we called this learning? And it is not to be supposed to be one of the primary goals of this BB?


Luc Leblanc VE2DWE (AMSAT 33583)
Coordonnateur AMSAT pour le Québec
Quebec AMSAT coordinator
SITES WEB:http://www.sorel-tracy.qc.ca/~luclebla/
Sorel-Tracy QC.
J3P 5N6

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