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Re: Lightning and neutral grounding

If the neutral in AC wiring is eventually connected to ground at the service
entrance, why have a third line that is grounded anyhow.  Why not just
ground through neutral?

Theoretically this it true but I've asked every electrician I've ever known and 
they all are brain-washed into saying, "But that's not in accordance with 
NEC."  And I now believe it too.  Because the code says so.  Period. And, once 
again, in three phase power applications, you can come up with many examples 
where a load will become inbalanced  or a back feeding situation develops and 
the neutral will end up carrying some current.  So the fourth ground wire is 
required to protect the operator from electrical shock and/or to provide a 
ground path back to the breaker so it can operate correctly.  In a nut shell, 
no, don't do it.
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