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No VP6 tonight?

>I did hear lots of VERY loud stations including one about 2 kcs above the
>beacon, but no VP6!

Well I was one of those guys last nite that got a bit too close to the
beacon.....or so I was politely told.  I have not been on the bird that long
so maybe some education is in order.

How far away from the beacon is the suggested norm. ??

Because of the doppler effect the beacon will move closer to you if you are
just outside the beacon.  Since it is the practise to move recieve
frequency, eventually you are on the beacon.  So in the end you have to move
off your orginal frequency and go elsewhere.....which means you should start
at the top end of the band (where no one ever is) and work down (which no
one does).  This means you should start out at the suggested norm plus
doppler and leave that space as dead band. ??-

Like I said I have an open mind and am willing to learn.


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