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Re: Lightning and neutral grounding

on 3/11/03 1:17 AM, Greg D. at ko6th_greg@hotmail.com wrote:

> So the question:  I believe everything is done more-or-less
> correctly, EXCEPT that I need to tie the neutral of the electrical
> plug in the shack to the same grounded bar that the arrestors are
> bolted to.  "Neutral" is "white wire" side of the plug.


I know I probably sounded excited in my previous message, but I was trying
to convey some urgency there.  You could run into big problems that way.

Reading what Phil, KB9CRY, said is good advice.  Phil helped me put up my
tower and is one of the guys I have learned from.  And I'm yet a third guy
who's tower is on the opposite side of the house from the service ground
(and no where near the shack also).  So I had to snake the #4 wire around
the house and bury it a couple inches under ground.

You do really want to have a ground rod every 16 feet (assuming 8 foot
ground rods).  That helps their effectiveness and it will prevent the
inductance of the wire from causing the problems.

You may not have to go into your electrical box to get to your service
ground.  My service ground is connected to my cold water pipe in my house.
I attached all my ham grounding to the same point on the water pipe.   Now
all my grounds float together.



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