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Lightning and neutral grounding

Hi folks,

So, I think I've got this straight, but just to be REALLY sure...

The service entrance for our house is on the opposite side from
the shack.  It's a standard 220 service, which I believe is two
phases of 110, with the common (neutral) being grounded at the
entrance.  The two sides of the service are split randomly around
the house to balance the load, giving each plug 110v.  The Air
Conditioner and clothes dryer are wired across both hot leads,
for the full 220 voltage.

On the opposite side of the house is the shack.  Each of the
coax cables coming down from the roof-mounted antennas goes
through a lightning arrestor.  All of the arrestors are mounted
in an electric service panel box and the whole thing (each
arrestor and the box itself) are grounded to a pair of 8' ground
rods spaced about 5' apart.  Leaving the arrestors, the coax
cables go through a hole in the wall into the shack and to the
rigs.  The rigs are plugged into the wall plug nearby for power.

So the question:  I believe everything is done more-or-less
correctly, EXCEPT that I need to tie the neutral of the electrical
plug in the shack to the same grounded bar that the arrestors are
bolted to.  "Neutral" is "white wire" side of the plug.  (The hot
side is black, as in charcoal, which is what happens to your
finger if you touch it...).  I can't depend on the service entrance
ground to be at the same potential as the ham ground during a strike,
since they are too far apart.  The safety ground (green wire) is
left alone.  This means snaking a heavy wire from the lightning
arrestor mounting bar, into the wall, and over to the electrical
outlet box, and attaching it to the neurtal side of that wall plug.
I don't need any other sort of lightning arrestor on the power line,
other than a good "surge protector"; our electrical service has an
underground feed.

Is this correct?


Greg  KO6TH

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