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Re: Lightening and mast mounted preamps

This is one of the reasons that many of us take a serious look at the BBQ
dish option.  Antenna rotors are Expensive!

It's valid to trade off some RF performance in exchange for reliabiltiy
(like at least a 50% chance of staying up through a Midwestern winter!)

Grant Zehr AA9LC

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> Steve,
> Take a look at the picture, "Old antenna" on the site
> (www.wmfd.com/w8gsm). I used a G-5500 Az/El rotor which took care of all
> the antennas. You'll see a bracket I had made, which allowed the 1.2m
> dish to startle the rotors. One word of caution: The wind loading of the
> dish did contribute to kissing off an elevation motor. The load is large
> and requires parking the dish horizontally so the wind spills out. One
> day I was doing AO40 telm gathering and left the system un-attended. Got
> 45 mPH winds, the motor tried to maintain elevation, and lost out to
> mother nature... Also, drill a couple holes in the dish so the rain can
> drain out... I eventually abandon this arrangement and went with a 7.5
> footer driven with a W0LMD motor system..
> I will say that the 1.2m dish did a wonderful job...
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