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Re: Toroidal Cores at 436MHz

Hi Mike,

I have used the Amidon FT-50-68 cores, u=10, .5" diameter.
at 435 MHz. You can't really use much higher u cores or
the losses get too high. I used 4 of them for a BALUN and
tested it at 50 watts key down for 1 minute with no ill effects.
This BALUN has been in use for several years now on one
of my satellite antennas. For more power, you might want
to use larger cores.

Tony AA2TX

At 07:32 PM 3/10/03 +0000, Mike Hooles wrote:

>I would like to use some toroidal cores for impedance and balance/unbalance
>matching at UHF for small satellite antennas.
>The literature I currently have is not of much help above 100MHz.
>Can anybody guide me to literature, articles, sources etc and also any cores
>that can handle up to 100watts at these frequencies,
>Mike G3LGR
>  Mikehooles@BTInternet.com

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