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Soundcard Software for OSCAR-11 Now Available

OSCAR-11 has just started to send continuous ASCII telemetry on its
145.826 MHz. NBFM beacon.  This is expected to continue until around 17
March when it will be silent for about 10 -11 days.

As promised, I have now added a package of documentation, data, and
software MIXW.ZIP to my website.  This will enable users of MIXW2 V2.07
to decode the telemetry. 

During the last few years I have received many enquiries regarding
sound card software for decoding OSCAR-11 signals, and from time to
time there has been some discussion on AMSAT-BB about the need for
this software.

I am pleased to say that a suitable Windows program for displaying
and capturing OSCAR-11 data is now available.   This is MIXW2, a
general purpose Amateur Radio data communication program written by
Nick Fedoseev UT2UZ.

You can download the  the program from www.mixw.net
or do a google search for MIXW to find other sites.  You need the latest
version 2.07.

The OSCAR-11 feature is un-documented at present.  You need the
following settings -

   MODE         RTTY

                NOT inverted

   MODE Settings

       RX Frequency 1800

       Baud Rate    1200

       Character set  ASCII-7

       NOT inverted

Your receiver should be set to NBFM 145.826 MHz. +/- 3 KHz. Doppler.

This should display the ASCII when the signal is fed into the sound
card line input.  Alternatively the signal may also be recorded, and
played back into the sound card, at a later time.  Useful for
testing. There are no special requirements for the audio recorder,
most types should be suitable.

To start capture of the text, click on File/RXlog/Open RXlog, enter
the file name you wish to use, and click on SAVE.  Close to stop

I have found that this program works very well on OSCAR-11, and gives
results comparable to a hardware decoder.

On my website ( www.users.zetnet.co.uk/clivew ) there is a package for
decoding the telemetry, U2TM.ZIP. Normally this is used with a hardware
decoder, via the capture program CTERM.  The format in the RXLog file is
not fully compatible with the output of CTERM.  I have therefore written
a small conversion program (FILTER_M1.EXE), which enables the MIXW2 to
be used with my software. This is included in a package with
documentation and examples, MIXW.ZIP, which may be downloaded from my
website. If you are using Windows XP, you may have problems in running
the software contained in U2TM.ZIP,  however it does work OK in DOS and

Many thanks to Nick UT2UZ and Dennis UU9JDR for producing the program,
and also to Reinhard DJ1KM for initially recognising that the program
could be used for OSCAR-11.

I would appreciate any comments from users of this program, but
please DO NOT send any data files!

         Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.

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