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HAM Demos

Here is a simple way to demonstrate both Time Division Multiple Access
(TDMA)(packet) and Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) to students
(or your ham club)...

Load AGWPE(sound-card packet) and DIGIPAN (sound card PSK-31) on to a
handful of laptops.  Set the laptops on a large central table and let them
play!  Using only the speakers and Mic's in the laptops, everyone can send
and receive packet (TDMA) using the AGWPE software and then use PSK-31 to
communiate via FDMA...

No hardware required.  Works on anything with a sound card.  No license
required since it is AUDIO filling the room.

Might be a good idea for a HAM club meeting also.  Just tell everyone to
bring their laptops.  We even had 14.070 tuned in on an HF rig with the
speakers adding to the din in the room.  This brought live QSO's in to the
mix as well.

I was pleased to see that some typically bored students actually had so
much fun, they wanted to know more... such as how to extend their range.
Of course the telephone, or any other audio channel can be used.  Or even
some licsene free radio devices (though CB, FRS and GMRS prohibit digital
or tones for more than 10 seconds)...

Anyway, it was fun.
(we only did the PSK-31 portion, because I didnt think of it till an hour
before class and had no time to get AGWPE...) but next year, I can think
of lots of new twists..

de WB4APR, Bob

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