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Lightening and mast mounted preamps

I have a question that I have not seen addressed
before.  Asked my friend Don, NL7CO, who is a big VHF
operator, and he didn't know but said put it on the
reflector, so here it is.

We generally unhook our antennas during thunderstorms
because a nearby lightening strike can cause enough
energy to burn out the receiver's front end-or at
least important components in the front end, like the
RF amp.  What happens with mast mounted preamps?  You
usually cannot unhook the coax from them during a
thunderstorm.  Do they have some sort of protection
device built in to handle surges down the coax?

WOuld be interested to know, as we get pretty good
thunderstorms around here.

73s john NE0P  EM04to-Lawton, OK

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