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Re: Cross Boom

Having done it both ways, I find that the fiberglass boom is better as you 
can design your system for best balance and minimum rotor damage, rather 
than worry where to exactly mount the antennas electrically on the boom.  
You can cause a lot more than $50-$60 damage to your rotors if your antennas 
are not balanced.

As far as getting the poles, there is one simple suggestion if you are going 
to Dayton this year (I'm not :O( ) Max-Gain hauls quite a
few of these poles with him... no shipping if you get them at Dayton.  Yeah, 
if your flying I could see that being a problem, but... its an option for a 
lot of us.

Fred W0FMS

>From: Jon Ogden <na9d-2@speakeasy.net>
>To: Roy Welch <rdwelch@swbell.net>, hasan schiers <schiers@netins.net>
>CC: <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Cross Boom
>Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 06:43:56 -0600
>on 3/6/03 2:54 PM, Roy Welch at rdwelch@swbell.net wrote:
> >> My comments aren't to discourage the metal cross boom approach. The 
> >> convinced me. However, let's not forget the second requirement.
> >
> > I didn't omit the second requirement.
>No, Roy, you didn't omit it.  I did in an effort of brevity.  I think
>Hasan's statement may have been directed at those of us who on the BB said
>"just mount them in an X".
>In my post, I referred people to Kent's documentation on G6LVB's website.
>It is very clear from that document what you need to do to meet ALL The
>And it's not hard or needing instrumentation as others have said.  And 
>a metal boom is not the "cheap" way out as hams like to do it.  Hey, if is
>going to cost you $40 for a fiberglass rod and another $30 to ship it 
>$10 for a metal boom - it's stupid to throw $60 away!  You can buy a lot
>with that.  In fact, I bought my 2 KLM antennas (22 & 40 ele) together for
>$50 (yeah, they were a steal - I'll admit).  So I guess I was cheap there!
>I could spend more on the boom than the antennas!
>Anyhow, it just takes a little reading and common sense and it can be done
>very successfully like you and I and others have argued.  This thread pops
>up every so often with adherents on all sides.  It's probably never going 
>be solved to everyone's satisfaction.  Every reflector has its hotpoints of
>contention and this is one on Amsat!
>Jon Ogden
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