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Re: R: Cross Boom


     Have you ever measured the effect of a metallic boom?  The people who 
have  measured (not just theorized) would disagree.  The near field around 
an antenna is a very complex environment.  When I worked at an RF anechoic 
chamber we found all sort of things that seemed to defy theory.  It just 
meant there where things that our model wasn't accounting for.

     If you have data from an antenna range to support your claim I think 
this would be a great forum openly discuss the merits of it versus the 
existing data.


>Hi All,
>Mounting a crossed yagi for CP in X or + configuration over a metallic
>boom produces the same effect over the circularity.
>When two crossed dipoles are feed by the same amount of power but their
>components are 90 degrees out of phase the resultant vectors of voltage
>and current rotates by  2 x 360 x f  every second producing CP
>The rotor of a AC sincronous motor rotates by the same phisical principle
>of magnetic rotating field discovered by Galileo Ferraris.
>Try now to put your finger in to the squarrel cage of the motor in both
>X or + position and see what happen to it !
>Your FINGER or your METALLIC boom are the same thing.
>73" de i8CVS Domenico

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