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Re: R: Cross Boom

Actually, that's not totally correct.  It has to do with currents and all in
the element tips.

I refer you to WA5VJB's paper and documents on G6LVB's site:


I don't know how many people know Kent, but in the VHF/UHF/Microwave world
on this side of the pond, he's very well respected.  He's done a lot of work
on this sort of thing and his paper shows very clearly how the interactions
work.  That paper explains it a LOT better than I can.

Yes, you'll get some interaction - that's true.  But it can be minimized.
Minimized to the point of not much interaction that is noticeable.



on 3/7/03 12:19 AM, i8cvs at domenico.i8cvs@tin.it wrote:

> Mounting a crossed yagi for CP in X or + configuration over a metallic
> boom produces the same effect over the circularity.
> When two crossed dipoles are feed by the same amount of power but their
> components are 90 degrees out of phase the resultant vectors of voltage
> and current rotates by  2 x 360 x f  every second producing CP
> The rotor of a AC sincronous motor rotates by the same phisical principle
> of magnetic rotating field discovered by Galileo Ferraris.
> Try now to put your finger in to the squarrel cage of the motor in both
> X or + position and see what happen to it !
> Your FINGER or your METALLIC boom are the same thing.

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