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Re: Anybody tried UO-14 from Amtrak train?

Yes, I have done that. 
It works!  And I did it just with an HT and  rubber duck.  I didn't bring
the Arrow 
antenna with me.  It was NOT easy !    I tried it from the observation
car  and also
downstairs by the restroom area which has fairly big windows on the
(There aren't so many people around, either, so you don't have to worry
disturbing anyone).

Also, the train stops here & there along the way long enough to get off
train and work somebody if the timing is right.  I made a few QSO's from
train station at  El Paso, New Orleans, Los Angeles.

I made 30 contacts on a trip from Calif. to New Orleans  and back.

Also we are planning another couple of trips and will be active again. 
1.   Calif. to Albuquerque
2.  Calif. to Mobile, Alabama
3.  Calif. to Washington D.C. 

Coming soon !

John, K6YK

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