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Re: Cross Boom

>I participated in the original discussion of this many months ago and I
>think that the article referred to is being "under quoted". It is NOT just
>mounting the antenna in the "X" configuration. That is NOT what the article
>says. It also REQUIRES careful placement of the driven element distance to
>the cross boom. Doing the "X" alignment is a "necessary" but not
>"sufficient" condition to get the results that the article claimed.

<portion clipped>

I agree completely, Hasan....Most have a grand or so invested (or more), and
it is in about the same territory as "bargain co-ax"...to save a few pennies
for whatever little deterioration there may be....

Beginners, there are enough unknowns out there for you, use a 
non-conductive boom,
UNLESS you are fully instrumented, and capable of making the analyses.......

Take this from a non-engineer, non-technician who has probably made all the 
in the past 30 years having worked every hamsat since O7 (the first time 
and the second
time!) using empirical "engineering"...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

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