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re:Anybody tried UO-14 from Amtrak train?

Hi Dick,

I have no experience with an AMTRAK train, but I can tell you that is is 
possible to make satellite contacts from out of a train.

During my travel through Europe together with ON1DLL I made a succesfull 
satellite contact via UO14 at the train going from Budapest (Hungary) to 
Tessaloniki (Greece). The contact was made in Bulgaria, and with a Arrow 
alike (self-made) antenna.

The antenna had to be outside the train-wagon-window to have enough up and 
downlink signals. To avoid any collisions with any (electricity) poles we 
only used the first part of the antenna what is 2el. on 2m and 4el. for 

Please take care, it can be dangerous !! The best is to do it with two 
people. One does make the contact and the other handles the antenna and 
looks ahead if no obstacles can hit the antenna, like poles, brushwood, or 
even trains from the other direction.

On my webpage you can find some picture of it :-)

Just try, but be carefull !

73 de PE1RAH, William

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