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Re: Cross Boom

Good morning all,
    Over the years I've purchased a couple of  different solid fiberglass
booms although I haven't went to the 10
foot length.  I have ordered mine thru a local irrigation/fishing shop here
in Oregon who has had them drop shipped from
his supplier. The biggest I ordered was 8 ft by 1 1/2 in and I think it ran
me all of about $20.  I don't have current prices so
you'd have to check with him.  These solid fiberglass poles aren't what
you'd call "finished" you will get fiberglass slivers
from handling if your not careful. They need a good coat of either white gel
coat or atleast a good coat of  urethane spar
varnish or some uv paint if you expect to handle them allot.  If you don't
I'd say they'd probably last ~10 to 15 years without it.
  They are heavy and definitely solid. I'd put them on par with fiberglass
post hole digger handles.
   If you'd like to check with this supplier he is
 Irrigation Automation Inc,  Monmouth, OR  503-838-6594
It has been a couple of years since I've picked up any from him but I can
find out particulars from him if anyone is interested.

Also, The comment that this stuff is available in other places is right on
the money.  Check with any farm supply stores and see if
they would be willing to help get you a solid fiberglass boom if that's what
you want.  Many Farm supply stores carry fiberglass solid rod
for electric fences.  (the one we hams use for quad antennas and  stand offs
for helical.)
The same manufacture usually makes all sizes. The biggest problems is when
the store is part of a chain and the chain
determines what they do and don't get in....

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